Our mission is simply to provide our clients with beautiful

and long lasting timber frames at an affordable price while

emphasizing sustainability and craft.


Blue Line Barn is named after the imaginary, or perhaps very real, line that surrounds and defines the Adirondack Park in upstate New York. Blue Line Barn is a collective of Adirondack natives that began to coalesce sometime around 2001 (though accounts vary). Despite our wanderings out west, down south and abroad we have always found ourselves back in the North Country. This particular attachment to place is part of what gives our timber frames their unique character and enduring strength. Each of us believes strongly that everyone should have a place worth caring about. We also feel that in this age of throw away everything our structures should be made to endure. We are all driven by a love of wood and craft. Every member of our collaborative group shares in our passion for a perfectly fitted joint, an elegant design and a sharp chisel.